Friday, October 17, 2014

I Built A Quilt Ladder!

I definitely needed a place to store my quilts.  When they are not in use, the quilts have typically been strewn over a recliner and a glider chair.  With two quilt on each, the recliner and glider were leaning back and hitting the wall under the weight of the quilts.
Yesterday, I went to Lowe's, and I bought four 28" table legs, two 48" x 1" dowels, and various table feet.  I also picked up some brackets to secure the legs together.
After two broken bits, a blister from pre-drilling, and a cut from the aforementioned broken bit, I have a quilt ladder!  Good thing that I didn't need to use the table saw, huh?  Don't worry, I am fine and healing.  And most importantly, don't worry about my quilts being displayed outside in the backyard...the lighting was better outside for photographs.
Here they are inside and placed on their new home.  Note: none of my quilts match!  Ack!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gypsy Wife Block Update

Get ready for an overload of color...
Old Maid Puzzle 1
Old Maid Puzzle 2
Puss in Corner 1
Nurses Cross
Half Square Triangle
Half Square Triangle
Puss in Corner 2

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Home For Christmas Medallion Quilt Pattern Release

Woot! Woot! I did it again! My second quilt pattern has been released. You can find it now in my Craftsy Shop.
HomeForChristmasMedallion by Katie Dold
Here are two pages of excerpts from the pattern.  I take a lot of time to design all of the illustrations accurately in Adobe Illustrator.  The result is very clear instructions that are easy to follow.  Here is part of the center star block...
HomeForChristmasMedallion by Katie Dold
Here are the instructions for the corner cross blocks...
HomeForChristmasMedallion by Katie Dold
There are 15 pages total of instructions! Don't worry...the quilt is not difficult to make. I'm just very detailed. There is also a coloring page included so you can audition your own fabrics and colors. You can definitely complete this quilt before the holidays and enjoy it year-round!

Look at how cozy my cat looks on the quilt. Don't be fooled by her peaceful disposition in this picture. She is just letting me know that this quilt is now hers, all hers. Cat 1 is very noisy, pushy, and obnoxious! But look how wonderful the quilt came out of the wash, all in its crinkly glory. Love it!
Thank you so much for all the support while creating the Home For Christmas Medallion Quilt! I am so excited to release the pattern, and I truly hope you will enjoy it too. If you choose to purchase the pattern, thank you so much in advance for supporting my small home business. I'd love to see your progress...please email me at goodgollyginger at gmail dot com.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pile O' Fabric And A 241 Tote

Did you hear that Pile O' Fabric has opened a new fabric shop? Sounds like a fitting new venture given the blog name, huh? Well, Alyssa Lichner at Pile O' Fabric has done an amazing job in setting up her online fabric store. 
When Alyssa asked me to write a post about her new fabric store, I hesitated because it is so new that I haven't shopped there yet. So, I can't give an honest review, but then I found so many items at the Pile O' Fabric store that I had to make a purchase. I made a purchase without any compensation from Alyssa just so I can pass along my findings to my readers. Yes, I will do that for you lovely quilters and crafters. 

Wow, I was impressed! First of all, my order was shipped the same business day that I made the order. I received my order within two days. It was shipped 2-day priority USPS, and shipping was free over $45. The fabric arrived tied up with baker's twine, wrapped in a plastic bag, and tucked into this really cute reusable drawstring bag. This attention to detail totally blew me away!
The fabric selection is fantastic! It is arranged by color, but fabrics can be sorted by manufacturer, designer, collection, color, and material. The site is really easy to navigate, and I bought most of my fabric by the fat quarter.
On fabric cuts that did not have a selvage edge, Alyssa placed a sticker on it, displaying the name, manufacturer, and color. This saves me so much time and makes reordering so much easier.
So, the fabric I bought (because we as quilters really do care about this) was Kona Cottons in Berry, Cerise, and Hibiscus, Wingspan Fig, Woodgrain in Straw, Mika Net in Orange, Branches in Tangerine, Arrows in Metallic Coral, Sketch in Cherry, and Bee Damask in Wine. There is a good selection of fabric at Pile O' Fabric. It wasn't easy to choose, and I love being able to choose fat quarter cuts.
I also bought Essex Linen in black, and I bought a lot of it. I have big plans for this. There are also notions and tons of patterns stocked at Pile O' Fabric. I went ahead and purchased the 241 Tote by Noodlehead and the Social Tote by Carolyn Friedlander. I have been drooling over these patterns for quite sometime, and it has been awhile since I made a bag.
I finally made the 241 Tote. This is a great bag, and I did make some minor enhancements to make my quilty soul even happier. I quilted the center panels, and I added binding to the side pockets. I also made the strap adjustable because I usually wear bags cross body style.
It turned out lovely. This bag is just my style.
Also, there is a rewards programs offered at Pile O' Fabric. Points from previous purchases can be redeemed on a current purchase. Also, there is a referral program for additional savings that can save you and a friend some money. Sounds good to me! So, go shop at Pile O' Fabric! 

Note: This post is written in lieu of receiving future store credit at Pile O' Fabric. I purchased the fabric shown in this post with my own money. My opinions are my own. I would not have written this post if I truly did not LOVE my experience at Pile O' Fabric. I really hope you will shop at Pile O' Fabric. Alyssa is a great store owner, and she shows great attention to detail.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Home For Christmas Medallion Quilt

Over the weekend, I put the finishing touches on my new Home For Christmas Medallion quilt. 
I used Kona Cotton solids for all of the piecing.
Please ignore the horse manure in picture below. Yes, I will step in horse manure to get the perfect lighting for a photograph! It was worth it!
I love a quilt all rolled up. It's a bundle of happiness just waiting to be used.
The center star of the medallion is three concentric stars. This is surrounded by presents with colorful bows. The next border is peppermints. Christmas trees and corner ornaments surround the peppermints. A candy cane border surrounds all those Christmas trees. Finally, a border of bright suburban houses finishes the quilt with corner friendship stars.
I love that the quilt doesn't scream "Use for Christmas ONLY". It is more subtle, and I can use it for the entire winter season. Frankly, I'm sure this will stay in my living room year-round!
I free-motion-quilted the quilt with an all-over swirl design. It took seven bobbins of Isacord thread and two spools to finish all the quilting! The binding echoes the candy cane border.
Quilt Statistics:
Finished size: 85-inches square
Top fabrics: Kona Cottons in Snow, Aqua, Brown, Canary, Candy Pink Green Tea, Pond, Tarragon, Wheat, Grass Green, Rich Red
Back fabrics (not shown): Sugar Rush Christmas Candy in Pink, Sugar Rush Frosted Snowflakes in Green, Sugar Rush Gingerbread Dream in Pink, Sugar Rush Mini Swirls in Red
Binding fabric: Timeless Treasures Mini Series Red Bias Stripe
Piecing thread: Aurifil in White
Quilting thread: Isacord in White
Binding thread: Isacord in Red

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support while creating this quilt. The blog community rocks! This week I will be writing the pattern for this quilt, and I hope to have it in my Craftsy shop really soon.

Edit: This pattern is now available for purchase in my Craftsy shop!

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